Roms - Alcatel One Touch Fire

I’m just going to leave here this thread to write when have a new build for this device. :smiley:

Build from 13/11/2015 - Multilanguage and very stable.


Hi Paul,

I am looking for someone who knows the Firefox OS 2.5 support on Alcatel Touch Fire :-).
So, if you are interested and have some time, please complete this table:

Don’t bother you by the form, I’ll take care, the most important is the content :wink:


I’ve flashed that rom 2.5 and 2.6 but they block in the boot animation and not start…

@eyome Ok I’ll do :smile:

@Mte90 Usually that happens when you dont delete the userdata, so I recommend delete it :confounded:

Build from 24/11/2015 - Dogfooding enable :smile:



Please, if you know somethink else about ports, new roms links… Please, think about this table and spread the word :wink:

Sure @eyome :smiley: I can help too with Inari and Keon :slight_smile:

It would be great! :heart_eyes:

I’ve tried from clockworkmod to clean the userdata but not work, on flashing work without problems.

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Hey @penserbjorne, I haven’t forget you! :yum:
Will you update Inari and Keon lines? :smile:

@eyome sorry,I forgot :frowning: Im bussy with the end of the semester :sob: but I’ll do tonight :smiley: Regards!

@eyome One question, Is just for 2.5 devices? or any version?

Build del 04/12/2015 - Firefox Sync enabled :smile:


@penserbjorne, it’s for 2.5 mini

Best regards.

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Does it run smoothly as mexmod 2.2 without swap ?

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@eyome ok Thanks!

@kskarthik yes, somethign weird is happening with the Hamachi, because on Keon run good :confused:

@penserbjorne, thank you for your help! :smile:
Don’t hesitate to update it if Peak or Inari work on FxOS 2.5 :p.
Do you think it would be a good idea to create another table for Master compatibilities?

@eyome I’ll do if someday works xD haha
And about the versions, I’m compiling from 2.5 but in the system info say 2.6 , so I’m a little bit confused about versions, I guess the actual table is good :smile:

Build from 15/12/2015 - :smile: