S2 Z-wave Plus USB Stick ZST10 by ZOOZ

I used this Z-wave USB adapter with Mozilla gateway on Raspberry PI. When I set up Z-wave add-on it automatically configured and found my Monoprice Z-wave detector.
Everything worked fine but after gateway software was updated on July,28th my Z-wave adapter could not configured automatically. Two configuration parameters have to be entered to configure it - “networkKey” and “debug”. I asked ZOOZ technical support but they don’t have any idea where to get these parameters. Where I can find them?
Thank you.

@dhylands would be the one to ask, but I believe he’s currently on vacation.

You set the network key and debug through settings->Add Ons and then click on Configure for the zwave adapter. The debug parameter is normally empty. The network key is the key that was used when setting up your network.

Hello Dave,
By network key you mean user account PW?

No. ZWave has the notion of secured and unsecured communications. secured communications encrypts all of the messages sent to a secured device by using the newtork key.

Some devices (like door locks) will only work as secured devices. The network key is comprised of 16 hex bytes. You set the hex bytes in Settings->Addons and clicking on Configure for the ZWave adapter. The bytes that you choose is arbitrary, but if you change the network key, then secured devices which were previously paired with a different network key will stop working.

Got it, thank you very much.

So, if I used that network key, and then needed to reset my network key, do I need to keep that network key, assuming I can reset the host device and reset all the devices in the network? Cuz I didn’t

I never set a network key. When is this stepnsupposed to be done?