SCALE13x Planning

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Current planning Etherpad:

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Looping in @CaseyBecking, @MichaelaRBrown, @bkerensa


The priority right now is to decide how many people we need for a Mozilla presence so that we can justify expenses for any travel and hotel.

We think that 5 is what we’re going to say, that should allow for 2 people to be at the booth at all times, while giving people a break as well as a chance to represent Mozilla at sessions and while wandering around the floor.

The next priority, which backs up the number of people being sent, is to set the goals for the conference. These need to be somewhat specific, like:

  • Recruit marketplace app developers
  • Promote Developer Edition
  • Promote location services

The goals need to be measurable, and have a clear action. It’s ok to have more than one goal. It’s important for the goals to line up with organizational priorities to justify budget for the event.

You should also think about what is unique about this event that makes it a good opportunity for certain goals. For example, the linux community probably cares more about privacy than the general public, so you would make the case for promoting Firefox’s Privacy tools/policy or similar.


Stumbling in a Box for BoF?

Stumbling in a Box just means that this is a plan that has everything you need to host a stumbling event. This might be a great way to organize attendees who want to see the city a little.

What would be great is if it’s possible to get a leaderboard for just the area, or some other way to measure the impact of having the event on the location data. The wiki page makes it seem like this is possible, I asked on the Reps thread how to use a leaderboard to determine “winners.” If we can do that, we could make this the contest if we can get some Flames to give-away.

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I like this idea so much I have to reply rather than just clicking the :heart: icon.


Ok, we’ve heard that Casey won’t be coming, and Stormy is willing to help but will also be otherwise committed with her talks and another booth which is related to one of her talks.

We have confirmation that we’ll have some Flames to give away.

I emailed some contacts that were suggested about getting Developer Edition swag as well as to make sure we’re picking the right topics to highlight to have impact on product goals.