Screenshot button in Firefox Quantum?


So now I see the screenshot button has been placed in the small menu opened with the “…” button. Is it the only place where to find it now? I tried to go to toolbar buttons customization, but it looks like the list of buttons we can place have shrunk and there’s no screenshot button there.

(Rmill777) #2

Itried the menu and then clicked on Screen shot but can’t get past the welcome page.

(Rmill777) #3

I need help. I can’t get past the welcome page.


If you right click ‘Take a Screenshot’ in that menu, you get the option to add it as a shortcut button in the address bar.

(Ethyl Formate) #5

screenshot doesn’t work for me in new Firefox Quantum. When I click through on the library to the button for ScreenShot, all I get is a page telling me to use ScreenShot, but no way to do so. What am I missing?

(shortybsd) #6

On your address bar, click the “” menu and you will see Take a Screenshot. Right-click Take a Screenshot then select Add to Address Bar.