Screenshot button in Firefox Quantum?

So now I see the screenshot button has been placed in the small menu opened with the “…” button. Is it the only place where to find it now? I tried to go to toolbar buttons customization, but it looks like the list of buttons we can place have shrunk and there’s no screenshot button there.

Itried the menu and then clicked on Screen shot but can’t get past the welcome page.

I need help. I can’t get past the welcome page.

If you right click ‘Take a Screenshot’ in that menu, you get the option to add it as a shortcut button in the address bar.

screenshot doesn’t work for me in new Firefox Quantum. When I click through on the library to the button for ScreenShot, all I get is a page telling me to use ScreenShot, but no way to do so. What am I missing?

On your address bar, click the “” menu and you will see Take a Screenshot. Right-click Take a Screenshot then select Add to Address Bar.

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What if I want it as a toolbar button, to place it at a location I’m accustomed to.

The closest way is to put the icon to the right of “…” menu. To do so: Left-click “…” > Right-click “Take a Screenshot” > Left-click “Add to Address Bar”. It will now be on your screen at all times, to the left of “Bookmark This Page”. Note: if you want it in a specific place you must download a 3rd party extension, preferably Lightshot.