Screenshot need has a copy to clipboard feature

(Phương Trần Ngọc (Phương Fuk)) #1

I’m using a software can help me capture screen on any time, and I can chose area I want to capture, after that I can use ctrl+C to copy to clipboard. It’s very usefully and I love that. I think you should make this feature

(Martin Plamondon) #2

I was going to say the same, a screen capture feature that doesn’t copy to clipboard is kind of useless. And it saves somewhere on the web… can’t I tell it to save it somewhere local?

(Phương Trần Ngọc (Phương Fuk)) #3

yeah, so I must use other apps instead for plugin screen of browsers, which only can capture and then save somewhere I can’t copy to anywhere :slight_smile:

(Clouserw) #4

We’ve added a button that lets you copy directly to the clipboard. Look for it in an upcoming version soon!