Screenshot page in library is clunky

(Russjohnson12) #1

I don’t need the whole tutorial over and over again When I just want to see my recent screenshots. This tutorial doesn’t look or work like any tutorial I’ve ever seen. if it confuses me, an experienced users, it may be confusing to new users.

(Elvis Wang) #2

Yes , agree , every time click the Screenshot in Library will show the Tutorial page , is it the feature by design ?

(Russjohnson12) #3

I can’t find any way to adjust it or get around it. so I have deactivated screenshot via about:config. I will use the Awesome Screenshot add-on which has been working great for years.

(Clouserw) #4

You should only see the tutorial once. Maybe you’re blocking cookies from the Screenshots site?

If you can reproduce this, please file a bug at with more details about your browser and add-ons. Thanks!