Screenshots Status: June 8, 2018

Status 6/8/2018

  • Wil out on PAT leave mid-June through end of July; planning for that. Devin will cover as needed.

  • Ian is prepping for presentation at All Hands.

  • Punam is working on new text annotations tool; will also look into outside library.

  • Work continues on the Screenshots Admin interface.

  • Met with Adrian from Ops, he deployed a version to stage.

  • Decision: VPN only enabled on Production. Only auth0 on staging.

  • Jared is working on an Android mobile app in his free time.

  • Resolved Fixed bug: Screenshots no longer work on PDFs. Waiting on uplift.

  • Fun with stats!

  • 2.2 million MAU taking screenshots

  • 7.2 million MAU impressions outside of Firefox (think embeds, social shares, etc.)

  • 107 million total shots taken since September launch

  • …stay tuned, more details coming at the All Hands