Screenshots Status: May 25, 2018

Screenshots updates from the week ending May 25, 2018:

  • More than 1 million Screenshots have been taken! (1.2 million as of 5/24)

  • Discussed alternatives to the current migration with autrilla

  • Good discussion going on

  • Next steps: Adrian will restore a snapshot to a new database, then run the enum change and the dbversion++ manually. We expect no downtime.

  • Code quality triage: some bugs kicked out, some broken down into smaller issues. Including the Renovate work in this bucket enabled us to meet one of our Q2 KRs.

  • Uplift to moz-central early next week: goal is Tuesday.

  • Work continues on Screenshots Admin interface; met with Ops re: deployment.

  • Will add UI documentation so fields are easier to understand.

  • 11 issues remaining