Scrolling page screenshot


No, but I personally don’t need that.

(Test Test) #22

I can roll with a Pdf with the Page Shot?


Test_Test: what are you asking?

(Test Test) #24

I would like to use the tool in a Pdf and scroll in a pdf. That does not go

(Jared Hirsch) #25

Unfortunately, Screenshots won’t work on ESR 52. The good news is that 52 supports legacy addons, so you can use other screenshotting tools available on AMO.

(PATATE12 ★) #26

I don’t understand, how do you do that?

(Arun Sathiya) #27

There is a “Save full page” option when you click on the Firefox Screenshots icon.

(PATATE12 ★) #28

You must have a beta version of Firefox or something like that.
It is not in my normal version.

(Clouserw) #29

The Save Full Page option is in Firefox 57 right now (which, you’re right, is in Beta). It’ll go out to everyone in mid November.

(PATATE12 ★) #30

Thanks for the fino, @clouserw, now it’s clear for me. :slight_smile: