Se busca una evaluacion para mi codigo html

Buenas noches, solicito ayuda para mi codigo html, no logro acomodar el texto principal, ejecute la herramienta que revisa el codigo y me dice que el error es la etiqueta body, lo que me causa aun más confusion, gracias

Hello @srforero2011

you doing great but there some notice here:

  1. the body should come after you close the closing of the head element (the head element not the header element)

  2. you can wrap the first h2 and p in the main by section or article element

  3. same thing as step 2 for the h2 and all a with section or article

  4. it better to include a link to the topic you asking about in your post so it easier to know what you asking about

  5. it better to use or or or the ultimate is github but this last one need some learning

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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