Semantics & Common Voice


I may have the possibility to give a lecture on the semantic web

I would like to talk about Common Voice

is there any information, documentation, techniques, cutting… that is used in semantics for Common Voice

thank you in advance



Can you elaborate a bit more what do you mean by semantics here?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


concerning semantics, it’s more the Semantic web or semantic project

I ask myself the question, maybe this technique is used for the validation of a sentence or maybe elsewhere in the project, that’s why I ask the question


This might be related with the metadata we collect about voices, accents, demographics…

@gregor1 do you remember if there is a place with a full description about this?

not that I’m aware of. Our markup is fairly semantic, but afaik that’s about it.

thank you for the answers

On the other hand, @gregor1 if you could give me some details for the markup, I would be interested