SensorWeb + IFTTT

I wrote about connecting your device through IFTTT here:

I’ve now confirmed that with IFTTT’s Maker channel, you can go device->IFTTT->SensorWeb.

So now I have this configuration:

—> IFTTT —|---> Google Spreadsheet

I’d like to also set up something that’ll send me push notifications only if levels get high… but I haven’t figured out a way to do that solely through IFTTT yet.

To get this working you’ll need to modify the device sketch in Arduino and re-flash using the code in my repo, which is linked in the blog post above.

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Hey @dietrich,

I’m new to this project and currently I’m an active contributor to many open source project of Mozilla.
Recently I finished my Take Back the Web project on IFTTT and I would like to add the feature of push notifications and can also add GET.
Please do let me know the repo link so that i can able to initiate some useful PRs.

Amit Kumar Jaiswal

Hi @amitkumarj441!

The repo is linked in my blog post. Also check out the SensorWeb repos here:



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