SensorWeb with Arduino

(Geraldo Barros) #1

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to start building my sensor in the coming weeks, but I have some doubts still:

  1. In my country does not have the required sensor in the project (PMS3003), there is another alternative?
    Look at this sold in my country, is compatible with the project?

  2. How can I get API_KEY and SENSOR_ID of the SensorWeb to add to my code in the IDE?

I would like to try, present and give feedback about the implementation of this project in my country. The project provides funds to help us with some costs for testing the project in my country?

@nukeador, Mozilla Reps can offer fund to test this existing project in my country? or not?

(Andre Alves Garzia) #2


The required sensor is one that senses particulate matter of 2.5 micrometers or less, basically measuring “dust”. The sensor you linked is a gas sensor that picks alcohol and smoke, so it is checking different things.

Even though the sensor recommended by Mozilla is not available in Brazil, there are others dust sensors that could potentially be used (needs confirmation from Moz).

One example is the Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F. This is a dust sensor that uses a diode to “optically” find small particles, going as small as cigarette smoke. There is no clear information on the resolution of this sensor but to detect particles of smoke, it needs at least 0.5 microns which puts us close to the 2.5 microns of the Moz recommended sensor.

This Sharp sensor is not expensive and is available in country in links such as:óptico-de-poeira-sharp-gp2y1010au0f

You can learn more about it being used for dust monitoring at:

Still, this sensor might be not sensitive enough in low density zones like when you have large particles in the air but too spread from each other. This sensor is mostly tailored into detecting dust in appliances such as A/C units which are closed spaces, using it in open space might be tricky, still many hobbyists are doing so and in the lack of a better sensor this might be a good case.

Another option that is available for dust sensors in Brazil is DSM501A.

Also, arduino might not be your best call for this project, you should consider using NodeMCU since it is about the same price here and already contains wifi.

(Geraldo Barros) #3

I’m using NodeMCU has in Filipeflop.

All other issues I’ve oriented in the project Telegram group, thank you. :slight_smile: