Setting up a local testing server

Hello, I’m new to programming and starting from scratch. I’m trying to follow the course steps and articles. I have installed python and was trying to write the commands to install the server it but I’m not understanding many things. First, what is the cd command (Not CMD). Second, what are directories? and what are the other commands for? I’ll leave the link to the article down below and I’ll be thankful for the help.

Hello @Dash

i guess you using windows am i right?

directory mean folder path in windows style
so c:\folder1\folder2\ this is directory
cd mean change directory navigate to certain location on your hard drive
when you type cd Desktop it look for folder called Desktop on your current working directory
and you can know the current working directory by check the prompt the thing before > symbol

try to work with the installation step by step and let me know when you stuck on certain step

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Thank you so much , I’m not understanding what does they mean by example (( navigate to the directory that your example is inside, using the cd command.)).

I would like to know if this article is supposed to be for beginners , because it contains some technical words that are for someone knowledgeable in this I would like to know what to should I need from this for starting to learn web-development knowing that this article is a pre-requisite .

you very welcome

it’s the folder that contain your project/work that you want the python server to host

to start learn web development you will need to learn about html and css and js as start for the html and css which you will start learn about first you would not need to have any local server

you will need that when you start go deep in js learning path

if you used that path it will help you to learn step by step

and of course you can go deeper if you like

and have a nice day :slight_smile: