Several issues with last OTA

There are a few regressions in the last OTA we were given:

  1. PDFs download but are blank (can’t be read properly?)
  2. Images from websites aren’t saved
  3. Camera is black when first turned on, switching the camera back and forth works
  4. WiFi networks always show as “undefined” in the notification

Are we relying on the B2G release to fix these issues then? The previous OTA had fewer issues for me.

Thanks for reaching out. The last OTA update was to turn off data collection from all devices. Unfortunately the build regressed with a few issues. We will not be able to provide any more OTA updates. You can chose to flash your phone back to an older build, but please be aware, data collection could turn back on.

B2G OS is now in a transition state, and if you chose to participate, please follow b2g-os-transition topic on

Thanks again for your continued support.