SFTP within extension context?

Possible to connect to a remote server via SFTP within an extension?

If not, was it possible with a previously supported API? Realise IIRC generic http-like FTP, essentially AFAIK used by most as read-only, was understandably dropped recently but hopefully this is a different concept.

Are XHR and fetch() the only supported external network request methods?

There’s also WebSockets and EventSource or WebRTC (and probably many more I forget) that make network requests. All of them expect rather specific protocols though.

There’s no generic TCP socket that you could use to implement SSH (and by extent SFTP).

Thanks Martin

Any idea if such a facility was possible with previous APIs?

Reason I am looking in that area is Komodo has the smoothest SFTP implementation I have used in a long time, without supporting WebExtensions.

I guess I will ask them how they do that.