Shall I pack flatfish for the All Hands?

¡Hola @asa!

Just wondering if packing the flatfish for London is a good idea.

Would there be people there that can get 2.6 in it?

I recall some of the Taiwan folks running the TV version of Firefox OS on flatfish at MWC15.


I don’t know. I know we had trouble getting the vendor to help with updates
and I don’t know if 2.6 was ever made to run on it. It’s possible the TV
version could be put on it, or at least an earlier TV branch maybe.

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It’s been a while(couple of years) since we had builds from the vendor, though we had flashable builds through recovery by @yousef . However this thread is old now :sweat_smile:

¡Hola @asa!

Do you know who to talk to try and shoe horn the TV experience into it? If so, could you tag that individual or group here, please?