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Nice feature overall!

I use adblockers, tracking blockers and other privacy tools. I noticed that that when opening a page in Side View, the blockers are not running in the Side View panel, at least not adblockes as uBlock Origin. I don’t know about the “DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials” or “HTTPS Everywhere” add-ons. It looks as if Side View were opening a complete new blank Firefox browser, so to speak. So my concern is that it seems that in Side View opened pages privacy can be reduced if all those add-ons are not activated. Is that the case?

Having that in mind, I’m also concerned about other privacy features like “Firefox Containers”, that maintain each group of pages in a container isolated of other pages in other containers. How do yo manage that issue in Side View? Are pages opened in Side View sharing the “by default” container?

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I wanted to ask the exact same question, and I think I know what is going on:

  • WebExtensions can usually not influence each other, i.e. they cannot block stuff on popups or sidebars WebExtensions use

Thus, they cannot access the sidebar of the “Side View” extension and cannot block stuff there, AFAIK.


Sounds as a good explanation. In any case if this is implemented as a standard feature in the future it should take into account all the other extensions installed, as if Side View was something like a new tab inside the browser and not an add-on that works in parallel to the other add-ons. Sorry for the inaccuracy of terms, but I know nothing about coding or anything like that, I’m just a user interested in privacy-related stuff.

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Yeah; I’ve written a proposal in Mozilla’s bug tracker here:

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BTW for anyone following this thread: The ticket got assigned a priority and was renamed to “Optionally allow WebExtensions to block requests from other extensions”, so I guess they want to integrate it in this way, whcih I think is fine. :smiley:

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Thanks for filing the bug