Signing timeouts

We’re currently having trouble with Mozilla’s remote signing process. It keeps timing out, even after we drastically reduced the size of our extension.
Has anything changed that might account for this?

How big is the extension? I know there have been some server issues as of late, but nothing major.

We reduced it from 6M of JS to ~3M. The funny thing is, we had no trouble when running the web-ext client on our CICD server in the US, only when running it locally in the UK. Would those be hitting different farms?

That sounds likely. @scolville, can you confirm?

We don’t run different servers for the UK (except the CDN which is geographically distributed, but that wouldn’t apply in this case). Please could you file an issue at the following link and we can investigate further Please include as much information as you can in terms of the exact error messages you’re seeing.