Smart clothes!

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Google + Levis team up to make smart jackets. Super interested to see how this plays in the marketplace of jean jacket wearers

Even further, this article states the following:

The button is “a central point of thinking,” says Poupyrev. “That feels, to us, right. The device button on the jacket feels like the real thing.” Someday, we’ll continue shrinking down electronics so they can fit inside those buttons, and when that happens, companies like Levi’s won’t be limited to just making jackets.

There’s so much great stuff in this short article! I like that they’re building a future where “the phone” is not the mechanism by which you interact with services or the cloud. It’s just a tool in a chain that helps to support those. This is one of our principles on Project Smarthome - to get away from the phone itself and use the objects in the physical world that surround us.

"To [Poupyrev], Jacquard isn’t just about creating a remote control for your phone. That’s a necessary half step, but it’s not the final goal of creating ubiquitous computing. And so he’s already working to minimize the phone’s presence in your interactions with Jacquard: “We’re talking about instead of using the phone, just using the phone as a connection directly to the services on the cloud services.”
[emphasis mine]

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