SMS APP porting

The datastore API has been removed, yes. So depending on what it’s used for in the SMS app you need to replace its use by eg. indexedDB.

Also, it’s gonna be hard to test a lot of SMS features since the telephony APIs are not available in Mulet…

yes, Gecko is Mozillas rendering and JavaScript engine.

A least for now i just want to have the SMS app interface, but I have no idea at all how i can use indexedDB instead of Datastore API…

Will do a bit of reading through code if i can find some hints



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One … many questions, the list of SMS should be accessible from other apps , but with indexedDB , if an app stores data in indexedDB, will others apps able to get data from this DB ?
Will it recognize on the same host / DNS ?
Or do we need to use serviceWorker to make a communication between those apps ?

Does someone would be able to test the app on a device? potentially the app can’t finish loading because i’m using mulet so without telephony stack.
And so far with the emulator i can get any icon available on the screen…

here is my repo:

Thanks !


hum i’m wondering if we will have to go to that path because of this :

IndexedDB adheres to a same-origin policy. An origin is the domain, application layer protocol, and port of a URL of the document where the script is being executed. Each origin has its own associated set of databases. Every database has a name that identifies it within an origin.


The SMS content are stored by the gecko implementation of the SMS api (in practice it’s using indexedDB, but that doesn’t matter here).

Also, all the gaia apps are same origin since we moved to chrome:// so you can actually share indexedDB content among gaia apps. We just don’t need to do anything for SMS.