Software Freedom Day with Mozillians @ Taipei, Taiwan


I’d like to share a Firefox for Windows 10 + Software Freedom Day event on 9/20 with you.

This is part of the Windows 10 Community Activation campaign, we co-host the event with Microsoft Taiwan, and organized a half speech half l10n workshop event.

it’s really ‘fun’ to do the “Software Freedom Day” event in MS. They’re once of our largest competitor on freedom of internet, but now they can be our strongest free software and free internet alliance.

In the first part of the event, there are several shares by me, BobChao & Eric from Microsoft,

  1. Opening & intro to SFD & MozTW

  2. Firefox Un-boxing video

  3. Playing Firefox on Win10 videos,

  1. Microsoft’s open source software (by Eric)

  2. Intro Firefox OS add-on (by BobChao)

  3. IE (Edge)'s dev feature (by Eric)

  4. Firefox’s new feature recently (by me)

After the first part, we had a special designed Foxmosa cake together,

The second part we seperate into 2 groups, one dedicated to SUMO l10n sprint, and the second worked on making video subtitles with Amara.

And the ending, the lottery & group photos!

There are around 45 peoples participated in the event. I would like to give a special thank you to Microsoft for supporting the venue and for Community Marketing project for the budget support. Thank you for reading.


update: we had got some video records for the event
(too bad it only includes the speak part, and not cake part.)


Our MS friends help record the speeches and published the video to Microsoft MSDN Channel 9,