[Solved] Smart-referer 0.2 by Meh removed, please put it back!

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I was using Firefox 56, updated to 57 today, everything worked nicely, including Smart-referer by Meh (version 0.2) which worked nicely with Firefox 57 too…

So I uninstalled everything (backing up bookmarks and passwords), to make a clean new install with firefox 57 and…

When I wanted to put Smart-referer back on it told me it was incompatible with firefox 57… whaaaat ??

So I checked and from this https://github.com/meh/smart-referer/issues/70 (meh’s github) I learn that someone at firefox removed the 0.2 version of the plugin (which worked very nicely with firefox 57, at least it did after I upgraded, no problems) because there was no screenshot in the description ?

Anyway, can you please put back the 0.2 whatever version of Smart-referer by Meh so I can install it on Firefox 57, on which it works very well,

Thank you

[Solved] Please reactivate Smart-Referer 0.2 by meh for Firefox 57!
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Sorry for the back and forth here. I re-enabled earlier versions and left a comment for other reviewers.

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Thank you very much TheOne :blush:

No problem,

Nice to have it back :slight_smile:


Hi (newly accredited dev of Smart Referer here). After meh has added me as an developer yesterday I got access to the history of message exchanges between him and the reviewer, so I see why that person may have been upset by meh’s reaction.

(Assuming you have access to that message log as well:) Wouldn’t a more appropriate reaction in this case have been to mark the extension as experimental (i.e.: Not necessarily safe for general consumption) instead? Or, at most, reject any new listed updated until the issue is fixed? Yanking the extension entirely seems like the reviewer simply snapped after mah’s last comment? Since you reverted the change, I take it you disagree with his reaction?
Please just quickly outline what happened behind the scenes as currently this whole thing feels a bit abitrary to me.


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The first thing that was done was yanking the extension, my first reply to the reviewer was after it was already yanked.

I presume the reviewer saw that negative review for the addon because the user didn’t understand what it did, and in the name of good things asked me to put a new summary, which I entirely agree could be improved, but the only way for a reviewer to do anything like that and keep the request in the system would be to disable the addon, and then I got mad because he could have just shot me an email instead of removing the webext version right before the 57 release, and I would have happily done it. At least that’s what I can imagine in good faith.