Some difficulty with various addons


First, I wish I could post directly to the Mozilla site instead of going through my email so I will only ask about 1 of 10 addons which is Skip Redirect.

I’m a senior. Not in the best of health. Definitely not a programmer or IT person so I wish there were some easier to understand directions which would explain how to use all of the addons starting with Skip Redirect. There are too many assumptions made on the internet now. Creator says (to him or herself) Oh I understand it so everyone else is about 40 years old or less and will understand it too. WRONG. The first confusing thing in SR is “you may use regular expressions”. I’m sure he’s not referring to a smiley face :-)). I don’t use any of the social networks because I find them rather annoying and that might cut me off from finding simpler explanations. Maybe, maybe not. In any case it seems a bit arrogant when a complete instruction page isn’t

provided with an addon.


Hi Ray, do you mean this Skip Redirect:

A “Regular Expression” is a pattern used to match some text. To learn more, you could look at articles on Wikipedia or MDN.

Is Skip Redirect having problems decoding URLs and getting you where you need to go? If not, then you probably don’t need to think about writing any regular expressions.

Hello J

  1. Yes that’s correct. 2. Don’t have time. 3. I’m not sure. This looked good. Some things are like that. It’s sort of like industrial wind turbines. Little wind turbines are great for a remote home, but huge ones can be very annoying and they kill birds. I know because I have a huge one 1600’ from my house. This add on may be too time consuming for my use. Can you recommend something that’s easier form me to use.
    Thank you … Ray

Why do you want this add-on in the first place? What are you trying to accomplish, and how valuable would that be to you?