Start contributing to collect a dataset in spanish

(Santiago Gonzalez Toral) #1


Very interested in the project. I will be very pleased to start contributing to collect a spanish dataset (maybe forking the webapp to enable spanish sentences)

(Axel) #2

We’ve started to talk about how to make the site localizable. I’m hoping that fluent-react will prove to be successful there, but it’s going to be a couple of weeks 'til we start that in earnest.

As for content to read out, has some helpful tips. Would you be able to help finding Spanish corpora that satisfy the licensing and the tone constraints?

(Mónica Bonilla) #3

Hello there all!
I would also like to collaborate on this initiative.
I was thinking, can we have as corpus referents that have used linguists to elicit oral speeches?

(Michael Henretty) #4

This sounds great, but can you explain more what this means? Thank you!

(Dosantosjairo) #5

Hello! I would like participate too :wink:


(Angel Docampo) #6

I’ve just found, referecen on the community forums. I want to contribute to the spanish dataset also. :slight_smile: