Structuring planet data assessment needed

Hi there,
I’m ready to take your assessment on another task listed as Structuring planet data.
See my try on my pen.
Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks in advance for your time and valuation.
Have a great day dear!

Hi @umarFaruq

Amazing work on this exercise! Everything is correct. :medal_sports:

On empty elements like <col> you can omit the slash. It’s a remnant of the old XHTML days and hasn’t got any use today. (It’s still allowed. That’s why the “Nu validator” didn’t complain)


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Thanks for your valuation, @mikoMK . :heart_eyes:

I’ve tried the assessment first in glitch editor to be familiar with other alternative online editors, hence the editor’s code formatting function added that additional slash. I’ve then copied and pasted the code in codepen (as well as in a new github repo) as exactly as it was. So, I was not aware of it. Thanks you’ve noticed it.

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