Suggestion fo reflexion


I’m going away for vacations for two weeks.

I’d like to suggest that during this time we do a bit of reflexion on where we see this project will be in 3 months.

See you!


Thanks @Valentin for this idea.

As discussed during the last weekly meeting, I thing will can discuss about the goals for the next months.

I propose that we focus first on a kind of “alpha version” (alpha because it will not be feature complete) of the system, done in for instance 2 months, with a tiny core of really important apps to be able to use the phone as a daily phone (and therefore enabling more people to work with it).
IMHO it will include the contact app (added to the dialer, already working), the sms app and the clock app (having an alarm clock might be necessary for a lot of people).
This will obviously will only be a goal, something to focus on, but if people wants to work on other apps, obviously they can :slight_smile:

Depending of the time needed and the number of contributors that we have at this time, we will think about the “beta” version will all the default apps, and maybe about a date for an 1.0 :wink:

What do you think about it B2Geeks ? :wink:

I think that sounds like a great plan :slight_smile:

Another area I’d like to explore (and we’re currently exploring this on Project Tablet too) is replacing device APIs (e.g. telephony) in Gecko with local web services outside of Gecko. This will help us move more apps over to the new architecture and may help avoid having to turn them all into chrome.

Don’t you mean 3.0, not 1.0? B2G 1.0 was released in February 2013!


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Yeah that’s right ^^
(I was thinking about an 1.0 to say it’s the first version after the transition)

Finally we will have the 3.0 :smiley:

Interesting: do you think it’s a kind of priority, or should we work on the rest first ?

( UP ! :slight_smile: )

25th July is B2G’s 5th Birthday - it might be a good time to communicate - talking about what is B2G, what happened in the last months (like in the Call for contribution) but also about what’s next.

Has said in today’s meeting, we could try to define a “roadmap” for the next version (which is likely to be 3.0) like for an alpha/beta/final state, just to give people a more precise idea of what’s going on.
This doesn’t need to have precise dates for providing an alpha/beta/… version (as it’s too soon to have a clear idea), just apps/features available in that version.

So I would like to have more feedback on the ideas included in my post #2.
What’s your toughs B2Geeks ? :slight_smile:

Hi All,

The B2GOS first release post transition should i think first to be robust,
stable and clean.
Personally i don’t think we should rush into tones of feature but focus of
the minimum andmake sure we have a solid platform to build on.
In term of feature i would say:

  • Robust,Robust,robust !
  • Dialer (meaning being able to receive and place a call)
  • SMS
  • Clock
  • Web Browse
  • Calc



I’m concerned about a 3.0 release from a communication point of view. I fear that if we do that, and despite saying otherwise, people will expect it to be an iteration of Firefox OS 2.6, which means they’ll expect it to have all the functionalities of 2.6 plus extra features.

How can we communicate about a new release in a way that won’t create false expectations and disappoint users when they give it a try? How can we explain that yes, this is a continuation of the B2G project, but we are restructuring everything from the ground up and as such many old features will be missing either for some time or even forever?

First we could have and alpha version with a few (core) apps. An alpha means uncompleted, so it’s a good way to say that it’s not a final version.
We could also highlight the transition work, saying that we use 3.0 as we changed a lot of things.
I think we simply need to explain it clearly.

Hope so. I think people give more importance to what they see rather than what they’re told, so communicating clearly won’t suffice if what we do suggests differently.

I would wait to use the 3.0 denomination, which in general I like because it symbolizes all the past work done in the B2G project. For the beginning, we may talk about a generic “alpha” without mentioning alpha of what. Then, if things go well, we may name the stable release as “B2G OS 3.0”, or do differently otherwise.

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On the other side, saying B2G OS 3.0 will highlight strongly that B2G is Firefox OS, that was continue Mozilla’s work on B2G.

Well I think that if we repeat it strongly all the time, our current target users will understand.