Suggestion - new subfolder

I think it was in Outlook Express that I found
this useful feature: If you had just created a new subfolder,
and then marked a message to be moved, the new subfolder was
offered as an optional destination.

    If I create a new subfolder, 9 times out of 10

I am going to want to move some messages into it. It would be
very helpful if Thunderbird were to list it in the ‘recent’

    If there is already a way to arrange this,

please let me know. If not, it would be nice to see it appear
in an upcoming update.


Definitely would be nice. This is

Thanks, Wayne. I followed the link which showed that others had the same idea. I was interested but was soon unable to understand the level of technicality as I read on. Looks like there was some discussion of how to set it up, but no result as yet. Thanks for your very recent suggestion to Mihai that he might be able to take it forward. Here’s hoping!