Suggestions for backend service (BaaS) for Firefox extension?

I’m planning on developing a new Firefox add-on that will have the option to save user data to the cloud so that it can be accessed on other Firefox instances.

Firefox Sync was ruled out, because the amount of user data will likely exceed the limits imposed by And I don’t want to use native messaging, since there is a 1 MB limit on data that can be exchanged between the native messaging app and the WebExtension.

Which backend service (BaaS) have Firefox add-on developers used for managing user authentication and data storage in the cloud? In particular, I want to ensure that any JavaScript SDKs that are available from the BaaS vendor that can be integrated into a WebExtension satisfies the AMO policies for having the static versioned source code of the SDKs available for review purposes.

Thanks in advance!

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well as far as I know most people use VPS or such, like on case

I never head there’re specific platform/services that couraged by Firefox or MoFo.