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(Halcyon) #262

I have Brief 2.5.9 for Firefox 65 (64-bit). There is a search field that would be very helpful for me, as I have a very large RSS feed spanning multiple years that I need to sift through. Is there a reason the search box is inoperable? Clicking in it does nothing, I do not get a cursor, and cannot input any text in the search field.


(Denis Lisov) #263

Sorry for not replying earlier.

@B767 If this happens after Brief 2.5.6 update, your IndexedDB storage is likely broken for both Brief and other sites/addons (only the legacy “persistent” storage works). There may be a few reasons for that, most likely some unexpected file is in there. If you’re still around, you may want to check the report from the storage test for any problems.

@dotcole The paragraph above may be relevant for you too.

@Peter2 Hmm, so it does not have the correct feed title in the quotes? Looks inconsistent, but I don’t know for sure what the problem is. Would be nice if you could share your feed list (possibly in private).

@halcyon627 There’s no full text search since migration from sqlite to IndexedDB. Requires some work on my side, but I definitely want to get it operational again.



Денис, у меня сегодня в очередной раз произошёл этот баг, когда Brief перестаёт работать и ради интереса я проверил на этом сайте https://firefox-storage-test.glitch.me/ и во всех пунктах у показало “Good: Totally Working. (fullyOperational)”. Чинит только команда, которую вы мне указали

indexedDB.deleteDatabase(‘brief’, {storage: ‘persistent’})

И это не только у меня случается, м.б. всё таки с расширением что-то не так, или, если это баг Firefox м.б. стоит написать пояснение с этим кодом написать на странице расширения и/или сделать в меню в настройках пункт “Починить”.