[Support] Find the Fox


Support and feedback thread for Find the Fox



Hi @MartijnJ

I have just tried this add-on and I really liked it. It is really clever and is great fun.

Very well done for your work on this.

(rugk) #3

It’s really funny and works like a real bot. Just two things:

  1. May you put the code on GitHub or some other hosting platforms? There, we can also suggest issues.
  2. It is really disturbing to try to guess a site for 3 minutes, and when it does not work, to not get the solution. So really, this is required: Show me the solution at the end – at least optionally. :smile:

(rugk) #4

Also that is no word :laughing::

(rugk) #5

Also it just choose a addons.mozilla.org site, where it cannot inject JS and thus I cannot click/find the fox. :cry:


He needs to make a request for the document of the site that he will hide on and sites like AMO are blocked from that, so he wasn’t hiding on AMO.

Revealing the hiding spot was on my to-do list, but I though a bit of frustration might be fun as well :wink: Will probably implement it anyway though.

Don’t know about the public repository. I don’t need contributors and the thought of someone trying to navigate the code for the dialog :sweat_smile:
Also this forum seems more casual for feedback, I like it.

As for the single letter “word”. It should still be a helpful hint, although it won’t help you much in filtering your history, you know you have to look for a title with a lonely “r”.
Maybe I can change the dialog so it doesn’t come of like a mistake.

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it :+1:

(rugk) #7

I know, so you’d be better of to not choose such a site in the fisrt place. So just add a little blacklist or so.

Uh, okay? I’d rather say, well… no.

Hmm, yeah, maybe. Just thought you can dump your code there (contributors may not come, and if they come, be glad :wink:) and one may still look through the code anyway.


What I mean is, when the request fails he picks another site to hide on.
So he wasn’t hiding on AMO.

(rugk) #9

I am quite sure the fox was hiding there. (it had the user name of a user on AMO in the title and it has the AMO favicon, so…)

But we can only be sure when there a “solution” is shown at the end.


Yeah yeah yeah, it just got added in the last update v1.2.1

(rugk) #11

That works great!

I just had a favicon glitch:

Maybe it is just did not have this favicon cached?

site: https://plainjs.com/javascript/

Also back to GitHub or so: When you host it there, contributors could maybe also translate it!


Nice find!

It’s a bug.
the website has a link element that points to a favicon that doesn’t exist, so the hint should be discarded, but isn’t.

Btw, favicons aren’t loaded from the favicon cache, that’s not available for WebExtensions yet.

I’ll consider making the repository public. If so I would have to refactor the dialog system. I made the initial version of this addon in 4 days, to meet the Extension Challenge deadline. So there was no time to think about design :grin:

I use GitLab btw, you think that’s a problem?

(rugk) #13

No, not at all. Why should it be?

That does not really matter. Better make it public right away. You can always refactor it. :smiley:


I have though about it some more, and…
I just can’t see the positive side of a public repository.
Right now this is a fun playful project, which I can work on on a whim.
If someone would where to add translations, I would have to wait for those translations each time hoping they are still up for it.

I’m keeping it private, sorry.

(rugk) #15

Not really, AFAIK good translation platforms then just fall back to English or so… but anyway, your decimation.
IMHO there is just no reason not to publish it. There is no Reasoner to keep it secret, even if nobody would do anything with the code. And if someone may do – and even if that chance is low and may only happen 10 years in the future – the code is there.