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What was the url of the page you were on when you tried to turn on Flash Control?

And thank you for the detailed description, I appreciate that.

Any url, with or without flash inside.

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If that’s the case, that’s very odd. You could test it in a new profile if you’d like, entirely up to you.

To create a new firefox profile, run:

firefox -P

To use the newly created profile, run:

firefox -P %profile_name%

where %profile_name% is just a placeholder for the name of the newly created profile from before.


Thank you for the reply.

I’ve spent about 20 hours testing various extensions in various combinations trying to find perfect audio/video blocking and click-to-play.

The only perfect blocking I’ve found is NoScript using its “Allow Scripts Globally”, “Forbid Audio/Video”, and “Apply these extensions to whitelisted sites too” checkboxes. Its click-to-play functionality isn’t as good & aesthetic as Flash Control, but it can handle things like Soundcloud. The way it handles it is that the NoScript addon-bar icon changes to indicate that blocking is happening, then you can right-click it, go to Blocked Objects and then Temporarily Allow. What I don’t like about NoScript is the number of clicks it takes to unblock in this scenario, and that it has to reload the page to unblock, and reloading the page again doesn’t re-block, and temporarily unblocking one page unblocks the entire site for the duration of the browser session or until you do a “Revoke Temporary Permissions”.

I tried hybrid solutions like using NoScript for audio (since it works consistently despite being inelegant) combined another more elegant extension like Flash Control or Flashblock for video, but NoScript doesn’t let you independently block audio or video, it’s both or neither.

So in terms of audio/video blocking and click-to-play, Flash Control is better in some ways and NoScript is better in other ways. I’m going to try using only Flash Control for a while to see how many other sites like Soundcloud I run into.

I made a contribution because I think you’re on the right track.

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Thank you.


I’m having problems with YouTube.

If I don’t use “Override Ajax Anchor” I have a bunch of funky problems, such expanding an individual comment or comment chain causing the video to stop playing and/or scroll the page back to the top. Control-clicking a link on the page to open it in a new tab can also stop the video from playing and re-block it, and when I click to start it again it always starts from the beginning. Sometimes it seems like the video will stop & re-block when when I’m not clicking on the page. This all seems to be somewhat sporadic, but frequent.

If I do use “Override Ajax Anchor”, I run into a different set of problems: Control-clicking another video to open it in a new tab also switches the current tab to that video (although right click -> open in new tab works without issue). Normal-clicking or control-clicking a link in a video description (which either way is always supposed to open in a new tab) does open the link in a new tab but also switches the current tab to that link. Again, right click -> open in new tab works properly.

I’m still using Flash for YouTube so it’s possible these issues only occur with Flash and not HTML5, but I’m pretty set on continuing to use Flash for the following reasons:

  1. Even using Flash Control, HTML5 YouTube pre-loads videos and I usually have so many YouTube tabs open that this uses a huge amount of memory.

  2. With HTML5 there’s sometimes a split-second of audio before Flash Control stops the video from auto-playing. When loading 30 or so YouTube pages (such as during a session restore) this can get super annoying.

  3. Fullscreen mode for HTML5 videos has a multitude of problems and I consider it basically unusable.

I use this extension to force YouTube to use Flash:


When I was using that extension with Flashblock, I had no issues like the ones described in this post. The problems started when I switched from Flashblock to Flash Control. However, I don’t really want to go back to Flashblock because just having it installed breaks Netflix with no workaround that I’m aware of.


I did further testing & I’m having the same issues with HTML5, so it’s not just a Flash thing. I totally disabled the extension I was using to switch YouTube between Flash & HTML5 to ensure it wasn’t introducing incompatibility.

With “Override Ajax Anchor” disabled: control-clicking another video, or either normal-clicking or control-clicking a link in the video description, results in the video pausing, and you have to click the Flash Control icon again to resume it. With HTML5, it resumes at the same spot; with Flash it starts over from the beginning.

With “Override Ajax Anchor” enabled: control-clicking another video, or either normal-clicking or control-clicking a link in the video description, results in the current tab navigating to that link PLUS the link opening in a new tab.

I could swear these problems weren’t happening earlier when I first went back to HTML5, but after a browser restart it seems to be happening consistently, so I’m a little confused. It was kind of sporadic with Flash as well, sometimes things would work normally and sometimes they wouldn’t.

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It’s a bug with Flash Control (an oversight on my part in the design). I will get around to fixing it next weekend. The default settings is “override ajax anchor” “off”, that’s the recommended settings. I would try to get at least that part done by the end of next weekend.

As for your earlier feedback about Soundcloud, that will have to wait.


Since you’re a contributor, I’d just be completely transparent with you. I’m learning Korean at the moment… There’re six levels to it, I’ve recently just completed learning only level 1. I need at least a level 2 in order to take the entry level exam Topik I. To make matter worse, I’m going away for 2-3 weeks at the end of this month.

It is extremely regrettable and ironic that when I don’t have good feedback, I try to think of all the possible ways where Flash Control might break; and when I do get good feedback, I don’t the the time to fix it. All I can say is, time is not on my side. Hope you can understand.

Just to let you guys in on something else… Firefox is moving on to yet another new SDK. If the transition isn’t done right, it’s going to be yet another headache for me…


I appreciate the information.

Is there any possible fix for situations where you get a brief bit of audio before the blocking invokes?

Example site: http://niceme.me/

If you don’t hear anything on the first try, reload it a couple times. It seems random how much of the audio clip plays before it gets blocked: all of it, none of it, or anywhere in between.

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Unfortunately, no.

The control-clicking bug(s) should be fixed now, in the queue, awaiting full review.

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Hi, It seems that something strange is happening with Firefox 41. On youtube html5 videos don’t play (forever loading) if flash control is DISABLED or set to UNblocked. But works if flash control is on and set to block html5 (click with start the video) Seems acting opposite to what one expects. Only happens since yesterday with FF upgrade. OS is Ubuntu 15.04. Thanks

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It’s working on my end.

Have you tried with a new profile? Are you using it with other addons?

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It’s implemented now, v2.0.3. Currently still in the queue awaiting full review. I can finally rest my mind.



since 26/09/2015, i cant use this site http://live.mycanal.fr/tv/ because of flash control.

whitelisting it doesn’t work.
temporary disabling flash control doesn’t work
only work around is going to add-on tab in firefox and here disabling flashcontrol for it to work.

before that, it worked perfectly with flash control, now it doesn’t

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If it’s v2.0.3, there’s a bug in it, that version is already removed. The latest version right now is 2.0.4.


yep tried to install it again yesterday and now it works perfectly.

unfortunatly i’m able to say if my previous version was 2.0.3 or not

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Firefox 41 and 42beta, xpsp3, Flash Control 2.0.4

I find that on some sites that even though I press the Flash Control buttons to allow the media, nirthing happens. I must still select “allow example.com”, clear my cache and cookies and reload the page, sometimes more than once, to get the media to operate.

What can I do to make things easier?

I also have experienced times when the Flash Control buttons dont appear. I dont have examples at the moment but i will post back when I do.

I hope I am posting this subject in the right place. I tried to use the forum categories and selected addon support, but I found things there very confusing. When i tried to create a new conversation, there was no “reply”/“submit” button. The large yellow “Need help with Firefox? Click here to visit our support site” message blocked half of the upper portion of the page. I didnt see any evidence that I was logged in.

Sorry to bother you will all this, but it was very frustrating and I couldn’t find a way to covey my problem to a moderator.

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I pondered for a while how I should reply you. Should I treat this as a bug report (in which case, the information you provided is inadequate), or should I treat this as a casual conversation, talk the way you did (and probably confuse everyone, and defeat the purpose of this forum)?

You have to be specific and be clear of what you want to ask. For unrelated topics, you should start different threads. Remember, a developer is just a person, just like you… it just so happen that he writes software…

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I understand, and as I said my first inclination was to create a new thread…I spent about 20 minutes trying to do so,but my attempt was unsuccessful, as I explained. I search everywhere on this site for assistance on the subject, but couldn’t find anything or a way to contact someone.

I did not particularly consider this a bug report, but a call for help. I realize that an example of what I have experienced is somewhat essential, but I think I supplied enough specifics at this time to receive a general response which

  1. Would confirm a similar experience from other users with Flash Control
  2. Advise me of methods to make the use of Flash Control for me simpler and more efficient.

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Please fix incorrect variable name in fc_pagemod.js file on line 852:

if (dynNodes[i].isEqualNode(paudio[j]))

should be:

if (dynNodes[i].isEqualNode(paudios[j]))

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Ok, got it. Thank you! I’ll push it out tomorrow.

– edit –

It’s in the queue now…