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Here’s a quick demo video I made today:

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Thank you for the feedback. I’ll ignore the “Let me google that for you” site for the time being, it looks like it’s becoming a bad advertising site, with all its redirects.

But “rutracker.org” is indeed interesting. Give me some time to look into it, I should be able to get back to you this weekend.


Yes, I never changed to 2.0.9 (I was a little confused by the previous comment referring to it, but not seeing any update). I just changed to 2.1.0 and Vevo seems to work right now, but Tumblr is still messed up. Here’s a screenshot of how it shows up, compared to how it should be (FC disabled from the addon manager). Videos will show up with the black box and play arrow but with the thumbnail missing as in photos. This particular one is from http://nprfreshair.tumblr.com/archive



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I think I have found the bug. If nothing goes wrong, should be able to push out an update tomorrow. Thanks!

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It’s in the queue now.

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I think I have found the bug. If nothing goes wrong, should be able to push out an update tomorrow. It’s the same bug as dans3 reported. Thanks!

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It’s in the queue now.


Problem with external links on vk.com.

  1. Go to https://vk.com/wall-30666517_1289869, for example.
  2. Disable Flash Control on vk.com.
  3. Click link in the post (tproger.ru/…).
  4. vk.com opens instead of tproger.ru.

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page : https://vk.com/wall-30666517_1289869
hyperlink: https://vk.com/away.php?to=http%3A%2F%2Ftproger.ru%2Fnews%2Fstackoverflow-survey%2F&post=-30666517_1289869
returned link: http://vk.com/away.php

That is not technically a bug. And the “external” you mentioned is not actually an external link. It happens because vk.com doesn’t allow redirects unless it’s coming from itself. I can try to workaround it, but it’s not going to be foolproof. Note also that the returned link is “http” while the protocol on the page is “https”.

Right now, I’m working on a troublesome gui bug. If I can get that done, I would work on this, optimize Flash Control further, so that any redirecting is cut down to the minimal.

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I’ve updated Flash Control to v2.1.2. It should work if you click on it the second time. I can optimize it further, but right now, my priority is on ironing out the bugs.

(四天王寺) #111

It does not at least operate at Cyberfox43.0.4

I was using this Addon from two years ago.
These days, “icon” is in the missing (lost), it does not function at all.
It is used in “Cyberfox43.0.4”

(blueskyy) #112
  1. What version of Cyberfox are you running? Intel x86 version, or Intel x64 version?

  2. When you go inside Cyberfox’s application folder:

Do you see these files inside Cyberfox default profile:
a) flashctrl.sqlite
b) jetpack\jid1-sNL73VCI4UB0Fw@jetpack\simple-storage\store.json

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Here’s a video I made yesterday:

(四天王寺) #114

Thank you for the early contact.
The following is the Reply for inquiry.

  1. Intel x64 version.
  2. nlto489c.default

b) {“bstate”:true,“bflash”:true,“bvideo”:true,“baudio”:true,“butube”:false,“bplugs”:false,“bdnode”:true}

(四天王寺) #115

Now, I noticed the presence of the video.
I looked at its contents.
I was again installed it, after uninstall “FlashControl”.
Although for some reason unknown, I was able to confirm that it is functioning properly.
Honestly, do not understand the cause of the issue, but it has been resolved.
Add-on, it seems it is not the cause.
Thank you for taking your time.

(blueskyy) #116

For people having troubles with Flash Control, please provide me as much information
as possible. Things like the following:

  1. Check that these two files exist, and provide me with the download links to the two files if it is possible.
    a) flashctrl.sqlite
    b) jetpack\jid1-sNL73VCI4UB0Fw@jetpack\simple-storage\store.json
    These two files can be found in

  2. Run Firefox in verbose mode.
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -no-remote -P default -console
    Copy everything you see in the command prompt here.

  3. Make a couple of screenshots for me.
    (a) I need to see all the icons.
    (b) I need to see at least the Flash Control entry.

(a) I need to see all the icons.

(b) I need to see at least the Flash Control entry.

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I’m just glad it’s working for you now. I’m also curious as to why it “doesn’t work”…

(四天王寺) #122

“Screen shot” is the “Preferences of Cyberfox” I’m currently using :

(blueskyy) #123

Just to clarify, it IS working for you now, right?

That post wasn’t meant for you, you can ignore it, you don’t have to answer it. It’s meant for other people who might be having problems with Flash Control, so that I can better assist them.

(四天王寺) #124

Problem is there is not such. It is operating normally.
Please disregard the previous reply.
By the way, it is better it was “delete”?

(blueskyy) #125

Oh, it’s fine. You can just leave it as it is.


I’ve been having issues recently where full-screening a YouTube video causes it to re-block, and exiting fullscreen puts the unblock button in strange places, like this:

Also, not a problem, but I thought this was pretty funny: