Support for Amami (Xperia Z1C) - building, debugging, providing builds

Hi all :slightly_smiling:

As mentioned in this topic - where we gather requests and device porting proposals, help for B2G installer add-on, and so on - I open here a topic to gather Z1C (Amami) support efforts.
So here we will discuss building for Z1C, solving problem (reporting/filing/fixing bugs), sharing builds, integration in B2G isntaller add-on, and maybe documentation efforts too.

I would like to know if some of you are interested in having a B2GOS build for Z1C, and who volunteers to help testing, building, etc. Please, raise your hand :slight_smile:

For my part, I will start building for Z1C next week. and send here some updates.

Sony Xperia Z1C (Amami) B2G OS builds

In the following part I gather informations about Z1C support status, some useful links, troubleshooting, …

Build status: Not started yet.

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FYI Sony released new v19a blobs :slight_smile: We should update them on our side!

The workflow is:

  • merge all changes from all sonyxperiadev upstream sources l-mr1 branch onto our sony-aosp-l (for device trees)
  • merge kernel changes
  • update sha1 and filename for blobs in common repo
  • build and flash each device to test :slight_smile:

I would be very interested in this!
Have there been any progress these last 10 months?

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I had only made a few tests, but since B2G code was removed from gecko, there are no longer relevant.
We are now trying to recreate it using a closer to android architecture, to be able to launch Gecko, and all the system on top of it. See:
So until that work is done, there’s no point in trying to port it.
When it will be done, I’ll probably start again to port B2G on Z1C - and it should be a bit easier, as we will be closer to AOSP.

Good to know that you are interested, I will ping you when I have more news :slight_smile:


I’m interested too…