[Support] FoxyPAC

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Please post your support questions about FoxyPAC here.

Thank you


What is the “save” button for? This button is confusing. -Because “set” button allows me to make some changes in the *.pac file.

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Save: save what you have to storage so next time you load the options it will be there

Set: set the current visible settings to Firefox PAC
You can make changes, set it but not save it to storage so next time it wont be there… good for testing different configurations
Also good for running PAC on computers that are not yours… so it is not saved and once you RESET PAC it will be gone

It is the same for Export… you can export without saving


In the previous version of foxypac there was an option for make changes to Firefox PAC while saving. Maybe it’s better to return this option? Best regards! ps: sorry for my english.

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I thought it gives more possibilities this way.
However, if there is a popular demand, I will change it.