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Good luck.

Firefox is changing a lot in each new version. If you have Legacy addons installed, they can cause incompatibilities and weird behaviour.

Try FF 64 bit since you are on Win 7 64 bit.
64-bit Firefox is the new default on 64-bit Windows
How to switch from 32-bit to 64-bit Firefox

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@yfdyh000 FoxyTab 2.8 is ready to be uploaded if you want to update the messages.json

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Copy Tab IP (v2.8) is excess for me option. It does not matter, but if all_host permission are required for it only, I want it to be an option and optional_permissions (require Firefox 55+, FoxyTab is Fx53+ for now).

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Thank you for adding the “close other windows” feature.

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Personally, I only used a couple of FoxyTab features myself.

I added it so later I can add country flag pageAction which would bring the functionality of another addon into FoxyTab.

I will add once everyone is on FF55+
Are “optional_permissions” checked once on installation? What happens if user decides to change it later?
How can addon check if it has been enabled to add the rest of the code?
The documentation is unclear.

You are welcome :slight_smile:

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use permissions api.

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I will work on it in later updates.

Fro now, I am going to work on user preferences for FoxyTab (maybe removing menus, functionality and some customisation)

I filed Bug 1404780 which could help with one preference that I had in mind.

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New permission?
Please explain why does this add on now require me to give all browsing data permission.

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The notice by Mozilla is misleading (I have noticed it too).

The permissions use in FoxyTab are:

  "permissions": [

They mean:

activeTab: To access Active Tab
clipboardWrite: To save to Clipboard (like copy URLs)
contextMenus: To make context-menus
notifications: To make notification (bottom of the screen)
tabs: To access Tab Data
webRequest & <all_urls>: New in v2.8, this is used to get the IP of the page loaded into the Tab for the Copy IP menu. That is all, no data is sent or stored. The IP comes from internal Firefox API in webRequest. It is not queried from a remote source. This feature is in preparation for a feature to show Country Flags in future.

IMHO, the All Browsing Data notice is misleading in this case, but that is a general notice since the same permission can be used for more extensive purposes.


The foxytab button: does it do anything? Because it’s clickable but for me nothing happens it just displays the number of tabs.

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It is a Tab Counter. There were many who wanted a FF57 compatible Tab Counter for the legacy Tab Counter:

The button click, recounts the tabs. The included Help document lists the functions.

I may add more function to the button later. At the moment, I am writing preference code.


Hi! First of all, thank you for this amazing add-on.

The FoxyTab addon page states that it is under the MPL license, but I was unable to find the code online (tried searching this thread and GitHub), so where can we see the code?

Since this add-on requires strong permissions, I believe it is important to mention where we can find the code in the description or to use the Add-on Homepage link in the extension page sidebar to link to the code or a web-page about the plugin that contains a clear link to the code, and not to your author page.

Again, thank you for your work.

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Not that strong a permission (any addon dealing with web requests will have webRequest permission)… but nonetheless.

I don’t develop on Github. I do it on my own computer therefore I dont keep a copy online.

Inspecting the code is usually attempted by people with programming knowledge.

A programmer can easily download the addon to their computer (it is only 77kb), and inspect the code. I do that all the time. :slight_smile:

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New In FoxyTab v2.9

User Preferences/Options

  • Tab Counter
  • Context Menu
    Show or Hide Context menu items and/or reorder the items
    • Disabling the Copy Tab IP menu will stop/remove the event listener
  • Restore Defaults

All Above are done… but still working on moving submenu to a higher level and vice versa


Well, I believe open source software is better outside GitHub —so I respect your stance— but a programmer may not be familiar with the ins and outs of Firefox extension development and still be curious about why an extension asks for certain permissions and willing to take a first step and take a quick look at the source.

So, if someone else is curious like me, I have just found that it is indeed easy to download the extension to look at the code. You just right-click the Add to Firefox button and select Save Link As.... It comes as a .xpi file and you can unpack it with any utility that supports the Zip format.

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Thank you @anantpaatra for your help note.

All the coding is done. The menu reordering code was a pain. I am testing it at the moment. Fingers crossed :wink:
It might need further improvements.

There are still some people on FF53-54 (less than 10%). I will add the optional permissions in the future updates.

@yfdyh000 v2.9 should be coming out soon … the en messages.json have been updated. Thank you.

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@yfdyh000 thank you for the translation

FoxyTab v2.9 is online.
I hope you like the new features. You can now remove any parts that you don’t need or want and/or move the menu items (within the FoxyTab menu).

It was not easy to make it work and I hope I have covered all the possibilities. Please let me know if there are any issues.
(I think this is the only WebExtension with the ability to rearrange its context-menus :thinking: )

I have already thought of a new cool and unique feature for the next upgrade. :wink:

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Thanks for the update.
A cool feature I’d like to find in this addon to be able to display a (long) list of recently closed tabs, and reopen them of course.

(erosman) #80

There is an issue with WebExtension API and Context-menus. At the moment, there is no API that allows updating the content of the Context-menu before it is shown.

For such a feature to work, extension has to keep a list and update the context-menu before it shows which is not possible.

I can work on adding such a feature to the toolbar button, if that is any good.
Question is, how many items to keep in the list? maybe the last 10?

I am currently working on a brand new unique feature in FoxyTab v2.10
Once that is finished, I can work on this one.

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Yes, the button would definitely help :slight_smile:

About the number, I could even go for 20 if that is not resource consuming. But at least 10. Or configurable?