[Support] FoxyTab

(Роман Игнатьев) #102

I cannot change the DNS server because i’ll loose my corporate domain names resolution.

(erosman) #103

I will see if I can find a way but I am not behind a corporate proxy so it is difficult for me to test it.

(Роман Игнатьев) #104

I will be glad to help in testing. You can send me the fixed extension for testing via Telegram - @ignatevrn (https://t.me/ignatevrn).

(erosman) #105

Are there many corporate name resolutions?
If there are few, you can add them to your host file and then use a Remote DNS server.

(Роман Игнатьев) #106

I can’t, due to restriction policies in our organization.


Feature Request #1: Option to choose which tab will focus after a tab is closed. I.E. When I close a tab, I would like either the left or the right tab to be focused based on my preference setting.

Feature Request #2: Option to reduce tab sizes much like https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/noverflow/ (which is sometimes buggy).

(erosman) #109

Let see how much demand there is for it. :wink:

Some new Tab API is supposed to come to allow more customisation of the tabs. At the moment, it is not possible but maybe with the new API …


Firefox 58 is supporting unloading tabs again. Could you add for foxy tab the option to unload the current tab or tabs to the right/left?

(erosman) #111

Sure … as soon as API is available


Kinda offtopic but is it possible for WE addons to interact with other WE addons for example the addon “all tabs helper” allows to select multiple tabs at a time and when you right click on those tabs there is a context menu that allows you to move or close them. Would be possible for an other WE addon to add more options to the context menu to enable reloding those tabs or bookmarking them etc?

(erosman) #113

Yes… there is an API for it… but the way it is done is that:

  • Add-on A sends a message to Add-on B (Add-on A must know Add-on B’s ID)
  • Add-on B must be listening for that message and once received, it can initiate an action

In other words, both developers must add code to their add-ons to make it possible.


Would you be willing to add the foxy tab context menu to the All tabs helper addon if it’s developer accepts doing his part?

(erosman) #115

That is not possible. All add-ons can do is to pass messages to each other.

That means, for example, add-on A can create a context menu that sends a message to another add-on.


Hmm I see thanks for taking the time to explain it to me.

(Dave ) #117

I suggest giving the FoxyTab menu item a function, such as Duplicate Tab. That would reduce the number of clicks needed from 3 to 2.

We do not need to click the FoxyTab menu item to open it’s submenu, the submenu opens automatically.

(erosman) #118

If I understand you correctly, it is not possible. WebExtension API puts all menus as submenus of one context-menu. The main parent-context-menu isn’t clickable.

The only time the main one is clickable is when there is only 1 menu item (Like Copy PlainText for example).

(476429) #119

I love Foxy Tab, but I really don’t like the flag icons in the address bar. Is there any way to disable/hide them?


(erosman) #120

Yes … It is in the Help. :slight_smile:
“Disabling the Tab IP also disables its process and listeners as well as Country Flag Display of host location.”

(476429) #121

Thank you! Sorry I missed that in the documentation.

(Wildcatzlair) #122

Hi there, I noticed in Firefox Quantum (57.0) that Foxytab Auto Reload/Refresh doesnt seem to work. Anyone else seeing this or know a workaround ? Thanks