[Support] FoxyTab

(erosman) #123

I’ve just tested it with FF58.0a1 and the reload works fine (Reload every 1 min).

Is anyone else having this problem?

(Dal) #124

Can I use this extention to move my tabs to the bottom of the screen?


(erosman) #125

At the moment there isn’t any WebExtension API to do that so no extension can do it.
If the API becomes available, I will add the option.

(erosman) #127

The Icon is just for the Tab Counter at the moment. All actions are on the Tab Context menu (right click on tab).

To see the Options/Help go to about:addons -> FoxyTab -> Options


Are there plans to incorporate ‘Bookmark tabs to the left’ or ‘Bookmark tabs to the right’ options?

Apologies if this has already been asked, I searched the page for ‘bookmark’ and did not find it had been asked.

(erosman) #130

First time the subject of “bookmark” has come up. :slight_smile:

It should be fairly easy to add it but is there a popular demand for it?
How often people bookmark a whole lot of tabs together? :thinking:


Actually I just realised I can use ‘move tabs to the right/left to new window’ then use ‘bookmark all tabs’ for the same functionality. But if it’s not too difficult to implement, I say ‘why not?’

I ‘bookmark all tabs’ quite often, sometimes having to close half a dozen or so tabs, in order to exclude them.

Up to you my man, and thanks for the great addon.

(erosman) #132

I will consider it in new updates. :slight_smile:

(David Leigh) #133

Any reason we couldn’t have “close all tabs to the RIGHT” as well?

(erosman) #134

“Close Tabs to the RIGHT” is already provide by Firefox. I only added the left one which was not provided.


Great add-on. I found one bug though, the ‘Close tabs to the left’ also closes all pinned tabs. I think pinned tabs should not be closed.

(erosman) #136

Someone else also asked about pinned tabs.

Pinned tabs are also tabs… close tabs closes all tabs.

Now, if there is a popular demand to create another option to close/not-close pinned tabs, I will add the option.

At the moment, WebExtension API doesn’t have keypress option (legacy did) or else I would have added the option to for example if Ctrl is pressed closed pinned or not…

The other option is to add another menu item and that makes the menus grow even more.

(ajti) #137

Same problem here, using Firefox 57.0 (64bit).


sort by base-domain. i.e. not the same as sort by URL. for example www.xyz.org and demo.xyz.org may be separated after a sort by url. sort by domain would keep all *.xyz.org together.

(erosman) #139

With reload?

That is possible, but adds more menu items. If there is a popular demand for it, I will add it.
However, sort by URL also sorts by host (also sorting subdomains) so sort by domain wouldn’t add a lot of benefit.

(ajti) #140

Yes. I first switched on “reload every 5 minutes” and it did not reload at all. Then I tried 1 minute which seems to work. Switching back to 5 minutes works intermittently, however I wasn’t able to pinpoint when it does and when it doesn’t.

In the menu, there’s no tick or mark in front of the chosen intervall so it’s impossible to see the status.


i have 2.10.1, i don’t see “sort by host” in any sub menus and no update available on FF 56.0.2. Linux.


I found this addon by accident it looks interesting but I can’t seam to get it to work properly
only the tab counter and location flag seam to work as I don’t get a right click menu

I get it I have to right-click on a tab for the FoxyTab menu to appear
good addon tanks :slight_smile:

(erosman) #143

I see… I am travelling for the next few weeks and not at my base. I will try to find out the reason once I get back.

The tick is not practical since the menu is for all tabs while the tick would only apply to 1 tab. I will see if it is possible to make the menu change with tabs.

There is no “sort by Host” but sort by URL works the same way as sort by host. There is no need for a separate search by host.


How does the geolocation work to translate the IP into a flag ? Does the extension contact an external geolocation service for each IP, like some bad flag extensions do, which would allow browsing tracking by the service ? Or does it have a local geolocation database, like good flag extensions do ?

More generally, you should consider adding a privacy policy for your addon on AMO.

Off-topic : this web site really sucks, all discussions are in a single thread which is a total nonsense, and it’s a pain to browse questions too. Also, I had to give mozilla my github login to be able to write here. A real regression compared to classic forums, why not use one ?