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Please post your support questions about Text MultiCopy here.

Thank you

(WowWhatAPain) #2

Text MultiCopy - The program was working fine until yesterday, It copies text fine but nothing happens when I click Save to Clipboard. I have tried removing app, restarting, reinstall Firefox, reinstall app and it will work 1 time then just copies multi text but won’t save to clipboard.

(erosman) #3

Which version of the addon are you using?
Which version of Firefox.

Is there any error in the console? (Ctrl + shift + j)

The Firefox WebExtension has some restriction on some pages like addons.mozilla.org, About:* etc
Were you on those pages?

I am working on the next update. Let’s find out the issue so that I can fix it for the update.

(Voodootool) #4

Can you make the entry separator (---- new line) optional please.
And i think Text Multicopy and URL Multicopy (both great little addons) should be joined into one addon.


(erosman) #5

OK… I will add the preference for the next update.[quote=“voodootool, post:4, topic:14039”]
And i think Text Multicopy and URL Multicopy (both great little addons) should be joined into one addon.
I was actually thinking of maybe joining URL Multicopy into FoxyLink !!?? but joing those 2 is also possible.

(WowWhatAPain) #6

the issue was the Context menu accesskey (t) and keyboard shortcut (Ctrl +shift +F8) was not included in v2.0+. Not sure why you removed that function but that was one of the main reasons I rated it 5 stars. It save so much time!! Please add that back ASAP.

Thanks in advance

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OK… I will look into it.
WebExtension keyboard shortcuts work differently and there are also possible clashes with other addons as there are far too many shortcuts set.

It seems contextmenu access keys are not available in WebExtensions.

Keyboard shortcuts with F* keys are possible from Firefox 53.+

I have written the code and I am testing. I was thinking of using a single F8 to activate the copy instead of Ctrl+Shift+F8 which would make it easier … but … it may also clash with some other addons or functions. At the moment, there isn’t any way for the users to select their own keyboard short cut.

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Text MultiCopy 2.3 is out with shortcut keys

(X-Raym) #9

@erosman Hi ! Do you think you can bring EasyCopy features to Text MultiCopy ? Easy Copy was a top plugin, but will not be supported on FireFox 57+…
Would be very nice if it could!

Hoping this feature request is not too off-topic.

Thanks for listening!

(erosman) #10

That is possible but it may go beyond the core function of the add-on.

The Tab URL parts can be copied with another one of my extension FoxyTab and some functions are included in FoxyLink.

The main purpose of Text MultiCopy is to copy multiple times and append to previously copied.

(X-Raym) #11

You are right, this may be more a FoxyLink feature request. FoxyLink may be what is the closest to what was EasyCopy.
I can repost my message on FoxyLink support thread if you want.
Cheers !

(erosman) #12

That would be better. :slight_smile:


I discovered your great addon and I’m succesfully using it. I have a request.
I need to copy a web link between other text not as text but as link.
Let me explain the scenario.
This a web page where I need to copy sections of displayed text.
In first selection there a link and I prefer to copy it as text when I click Shift+Ctrl+F8
but in another section, there is a link that I wish to copy as link.
Right now, when I click Shift+Ctrl+F8, copied text is “VH Series Datasheet” but I wish “http://www.jst-mfg.com/product/pdf/eng/eVH.pdf”. Since this not last selection that I do, I cannot use “Text MultiCopy” and then “Foxilink” because that link must be inside other copied text. I hope that is it clear. So my request:
Is it possible to have an option that when enabled, using another shortcut ( Shift+Ctrl+F9 ??), “Text MultyCopy” could copy link as link and not as text?

Thanks and best regards.
Bortolo Bolis

(erosman) #14

I have to see if that can be done (it is not straight forward).
I will work on it for the next update.


Thanks so much, Erosman!