[Support] Text MultiCopy

(erosman) #21

@vertigo Thank you. I will do some testing to find out what can be done.


Just let me know if you need me to test out any beta versions while you work on it.

Also, unless I’m missing something, you can use F8 to save text, but there’s no shortcut for copying saved text to the clipboard, which means the context menu has to be opened and the user has to navigate to the TMC entry, at which point I’m having a hard time seeing how using this is much more efficient, than any, vs just copy/pasting one thing at a time. I think the functionality of the add-on would be greatly improved by adding the ability to customize the shortcuts (F8 and especially Ctrl+Shift+F8 are not convenient or easy to use at all) and to enable a shortcut for copying the saved data to the clipboard. Then I could, for example, set Ctrl+Shift+1 to save the selected text and Ctrl+Shift+2 to copy saved text to the clipboard.

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Thank you :+1:

The Firefox Keyboard shortcut map is very congested. There are not many available ones left and they often clash with each other. In case of clash in WE, there is no order to see which add-on or browser function gets assigned the shortcut. There is a custom keyboard setting API planned and once that is done, I will add the features so users can assigned their won preferred keyboard shortcut.

The point of the add-on is to collect texts/references for the user. For example, a person collecting references for a thesis can copy 100s of sections over a period of time and over multiple sessions; and then collate and paste with one action.

Paste is always a once-in-many-operations action.

(Glenn) #24

Hey there. Great extension. Here’s the use case–I have a Gift Card Number and a Gift Card PIN. I’d like to copy both of them, then paste them with a Tab in between, i.e. I’m pasting them into a spreadsheet. I’m not clear how/if its possible currently to set the Divider to . Any encodings would be fine. \008 or \t or whatever you like.

(erosman) #25

You can use Tab if you want but that would mean all entries will be end up in one row on a spreadsheet.

There is no option currently for creating a 2 column layout in a spreadsheet.


You should use semicolons then special paste with delimiters, and tell it to use semicolons as the delimiters. Let me know if you need help figuring it out.