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Thanks for checking that. Seems like you just ran into a perfect storm of addons getting reviewed at the same time.


Hi gorhill, thanks for the reply. Apologies, by “get these a lot” I meant complaints that most likely would cause some kind of annoyance; it was more of a general assumption after I read a few forum threads on people’s uBO processor usage spike up.

Anyway, I have tried the logger a few times. Unfortunately, it didn’t help at all. I tried on several sites and the only thing that has some sort of a note/comment is “whitelisted” next to the website’s main link (e.g. <“time”> “whitelisted” <++> <“doc”> <“www.somesite.com”>).

In uBO’s wiki, the logger screenshot shows many other things such as links being filtered based on the rules. But for me, this is not happening. It appears as if the links that are being “blocked” are not being logged at all, as if uBO isn’t aware of them. Which makes me think - have I broken it somehow? I should’ve said earlier, but this is a copy profile for testing, which means I copied the extensions too from my original profile. But then again, the same processing power spike is present in the original profile as well and further still, I tried removing/reinstalling uBO, but it retained many of the rules. How shall I reset the whole thing, if that is the only way?

Edit: I should add, I’m a bit confused with the way the live filtering works. It’s supposed to be that local rules > global rules, right? That much is okay, except as mentioned before, that often I have to use both local and global “all” as green to stop the filtering of links. The other thing is, each website is listed in the live filter in bold with all the subdomains under it, correct? Let’s say I’ve set a forum to all-green locally. What happens is that this strange blocking still takes place until I make ALL of the subdomains to green, except for one case where even that didn’t work but I’m gonna ignore that for now. Truly weird stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

(Raymond Hill) #310

uBO will show everything it does in the logger. If nothing is shown as being blocked (because you whitelisted the site), then something else is blocking the network requests, you will have to find out what. For instance, often people will forget that Firefox’s Track Protection is enabled.

Again, I can’t help: you did not provide any specifics.

Also, I suggest you don’t use dynamic filtering until you have sorted out your filtering issues: using “green” (allow) rules should be used only in very exceptional cases, which suggest to me you did not grasp fully how dynamic filtering work. But then again, without specifics, I just can’t help.


Has anyone made any leeway, at all, at getting around Twitch’s SureStream ad system?

I’ve been using uBlock Origin, UBO Extra and Google Chrome for months and I’ve not got any. Until recently, because it seems as if my account has switched over to the new ad delivery system (I use the HTML5 player). Not only are these ads loud and annoying (like 5x the volume of what the stream is), but some of them freeze when they’re done and don’t give the stream back. So oftentimes if you reload, you will get ads again because you technically didn’t watch the other ones all the way though. This is unacceptable, and complained about many times by users but Twitch doesn’t seem to care. Their only “solution” is to buy Prime.

The only ways to get around it are to switch back to the Flash player or watch via something like Streamlink (you still get the old ad system that way, which is blocked by UBO or bypassed by Streamlink), but it’s only a matter of time before neither of those will work either. There will be just one video feed with embedded ads, which only Twitch Prime and (depending on the channel) subscribers will be able to get around. It’s something I’m really not looking forward to.


Hi gorhill. I’m trying to find examples that you can test out. I just realised that everywhere this happens is forums where I have accounts and you won’t be able to see anything in the posts if you’re not a member, so you’ll have to make several accounts to see etc. Better to find a more general example. I’ll get back to you.

In the meantime, I have explored the possibility it’s something else. I created a brand new, addon-free profile and even there the images won’t load. Yet, if I try in another browser, such as Opera or Chrome, the images load. Same posts, same images, but different browser. So it seems at least as far as images-not-loading is concerned, uBO doesn’t seem to be the issue (even though for a moment it seemed so but now it’s been proven otherwise).

So far I have searched but the solutions all date back to 2009 when the preferences of Firefox were different. I don’t know what else I can do beyond all the refreshes and new profiles I’ve created. I know it’s not your domain, but if something hopefully makes sense to you or you have a feeling of what’s going on, it would be great to hear. Thanks!

Edit: Having said all that, I still don’t understand one thing. On a forum post say there are images attached via depic.me, imagevenue etc. I have set the LOCAL rule for the whole website as green (the top-right bar, the local version of “all”). It still filters some images and I have to specifically allow several of the image hosts to local green in order to let them load (and they usually do after this). But why? Is that supposed to be? Shouldn’t they all be set to green since I set the top-most local bar to green (uBO even highlights everything in the local column to a mild green) or have I misunderstood and mild green is another thing (I only found green, grey and red in the wiki).

(Leonard Bick) #313

Registered NY Times users can email links to articles. A big pop-up window
appears with address and message fields to fill out. There is a blue "Send"
button at the bottom. With uBlock enabled in Firefox, the button does not
work. When I mouse-hover over it, I see “javascript” in the status bar.

Help, please.


L Bick


Sounds like a filter issue. Have you checked the logger?

(Leonard Bick) #316

Hi, Paladin –

I’ve opened the logger for one of the pages with his box and button. But I don’t really know what I’m looking for.

How would the button be identified?

I assume that when I find it, I will whitelist it?



(Raymond Hill) #317

First, try to toggle the cosmetic filtering switch while on the page, and see if the button re-appears when cosmetic filtering is toggled off.

If this causes the button to re-appear, this means a filter in one of your selected filter lists is causing the issue. The logger allows you to see which cosmetic filters are applied to a web page, they are the filters starting with ##.

To get help in identifying the problematic filter, you should first provide all the filter lists which you enabled on top of the default ones, so that someone else who know how to investigate can try to reproduce.

(Leonard Bick) #318

One maybe important point – the button never disappears. It’s always visible – just loses its (JavaScript?) functionality.

Thanks again. Will work with your suggestion as well.


(Brianhcarr) #319

Hello -

I’m encountering the same problem as LB. I can confirm that disabling cosmetic filtering does not resolve the issue.


(Lustimamas) #320


Boss, I’m requesting a feature where it’s: fast and easy to disable -ONLY- ads, for a webpage (to support it) BUT keep tracking, malware etc etc still ON (fast and easy)

Thank you

(Andreas Källberg) #321

The addon on https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ublock-plus/kjagjnchnnlgiafjjlahaedeagnmhefi?hl=sv is a clone of uBlock and does not provide the source code for their version. This is a clear violation of the GPL license.

You can report the addon on https://support.google.com/legal/contact/lr_dmca?&product=chromewebstoreextensionsgallery.


Hi Raymond. Would uBlock Origin edit the Firefox Startup options at all?

(Thomas Böhm) #323

Hey Raymond,

I wanted to ask what the official way is to submit a list for inclusion as a third party filter in uBlock is?

Thank you,


(Pablo Massa) #324

Suggestion: Reward sites that don’t have any blocked requests

If a site didn’t have any blocked requests (eg: https://stallman.org), currently, uBlock Origin did not show any visual sign acknowledging that. I think is important reward those sites in some way.

An approach to do that visually can be:

  1. When “Show the number of blocked requests on the icon” is enabled, show a zero, currently this counter only appears if is one or more blocked request.
  2. Change the color of the icon to green.

A way to push forward privacy is giving credit to those sites who empowers that, not only blaming sites who don’t.

Hope can help!

PS: I’m posting this suggestion using the “Reply” button, I didn’t find a “New post” button. I’m posting this suggestion in a correct way? I think is confusing.


Blocking media elements can lead to high bandwith use

Thanks to blocking large media elements with uBO, we save quite some bandwith on our metered LTE connection. Unfortunately, I had a browser tab staying open for some time (on http://www.neuro-fachpraxis.de/ ) which consumed a few hundred MBs. The background image script on this page seems to manage to bypass the blocking and - while failing to display the images - re-downloads them constantly (visible in the logger).

Is it possible to block preemptively such image loader scripts, maybe with a rule?

(nestle@conversations.im) #326

It would be handy if the settings page displayed a hash of enabled [default] filter lists enabled to paste into a post in lieu of a PNG24bit screen capture.

(nestle@conversations.im) #327

[quote=“pablomassa, post:324, topic:6746, full:true”]
Change the color of the icon to green.[/quote]

This counter intuitive icon coloring scheme if enacted should not be enabled by default.

Better is for you yourself to notice and write a missive lauding the site owner

(Raymond Hill) #328

The download of the image is blocked, Firefox’s network logger confirms this, “0 bytes”. The problem is the script which keeps trying to download it. You will have to block that faulty script: