[Support] uMatrix

(alf) #76

Hi, i am a fairly new user of your add-on, and here are some propositions to enhance it (only if you find them interesting enough) :

1/ add a bubble help over “other” and indicate precisely what each column is/include. Can be done over “XHR”, “Scripts” … also. Are you managing LSO/HSTS/HTML5 WebStorage (if you do or will do)
in script or in cookies or in other ?

2/ add an icon button to immediately purge all cookies of the context (on the line of the icons - reload, erase,…) with confirmation for the ‘*’ context.

3/ perhaps adding a small button in the cookies squares of the matrix to purge cookies from a specific external site. perhaps not too useful.

4/ when a specific domain is blacklisted from host downloaded files, if you enter the url of the domain, a simple message appears saying something like “umatrix forbid loading of this url” (sorry my message is in a foreign language) with a “back” button. You should add 2 buttons: one to definitively add the domain to a white list and one to temporarily override the interdiction (for the session).
This modification appear a little complicated to do because it implies the possibility of correctly manage whitelist/blacklist (temporarily and definitively) for specific personal sites.

5/ one thing i can not find a way to circumvent is when a site had a blocker protection. Page often reloads itself before we have time to click on the umatrix icon to enable/disable specific elements of the matrix.
The new (replacement) page is often empty so umatrix matrix is replaced by a new mostly empty matrix. The only way to manage this type of site, is to disable umatrix protection, load page, enable umatrix (without reloading), select domains then reload the page and repeat until it works.
Perhaps someone would think of a better way to manage this situation. Perhaps an icon button to temporarily forbid automatic reload of the page.

6/ if you add a rule that cover more precise rules, you should propose to purge more specific rules. Like when you have “youtube.com googlevideo.com * allow” and you add “* googlevideo.com * allow”.
Same goes for the third element of the line (*, frame, cookies, …).

hope i am not missing something in your add-on.

(Clist Poster11) #80

uMatrix 1.0.0, FF 55.0.2 (x86)
I am wondering, why uMatrix seem to prevent the loading/displaying of pictures at okcupid.com/messages after reloading the page, even when it is disabled in the pull-down menu for okcupid.com or www.okcupid.com.
However, when I turn uMatrix off from within FF’s Add-ons page, everything works as expected on okcupid.com.
Any ideas as to why? Is there anything else I can try?

(Raymond Hill) #81

Did you look at what the logger says?


Filed a bug about disappearing uMatrix icon when new tab is open: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1393697

(Clist Poster11) #83

Well, looks like the first try yesterday afternoon didn’t go that well.
Hopefully I am now down to just 5 regular links and this one succeeds.


@gorhill atlanto from mozillazine figured out why uMatrix icon is missing when new tab is open in Nightly, take a look!
No need to take a look, Gorhill has already fixed this bug in latest beta! Thank you very much!

(Simon P.) #85

There is now a patch for the bug, and it is targeted for Firefox 57. Current nightly builds of Firefox should already work with uMatrix again, but it will still take some time until it arrives in beta and until around the middle of November for the official release.

I read this post by the guy who wrote the patch, and I guess what I am asking is if this is a feasible workaround for uMatrix or not:

FWIW as a workaround, you can wrap your whole popup contents in a div limited
to max-height 600px. The bug only affects the scroll of the root HTML frame,
so if your root HTML frame doesn’t scroll, then the bug is avoided.

Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this and uBlock, btw.

(alf) #86

Also managing video automatic start and sound mute page would be a really cool option.
The problem is that it does not fit perfectly to the matrix as it is not perfectly consistent with the domains matrix. Nor that it fits to the icons line of the on/off umatrix, save change cancel, … line.

So, perhaps is it possible to add two new columns :

  • one with the Speaker icon/text : which indicate if the sound from a specific domain should be muted or not. (but it is even possible to do it ?)
  • one with a video icon/text : which indicate if the automatic video start from a specific domain should be enable or not. (but it is even possible to do it ?)


Could you have a look? https://github.com/gorhill/uMatrix/pull/802

(Shahnewaz Ahmed) #88

Hi, I have been recently using uMatrix for a while and I have noticed I am being repeatedly logged out from websites after a certain period of time of just using Firefox (that includes closing and opening Firefox). I suspect it is one of the privacy settings I’ve enabled in uMatrix, but I don’t understand why it would delete cookies that are used to store login information.
Here is my current settings for reference: https://pastebin.com/VPecVzRK
Is there any way I can stop uMatrix from deleting important cookies while still deleting the other unnecessary stuff? Does it have to do with the hosts files that I am subscribed to?

Thank you.

(F1nny) #89

Hey Gorhill, amazing extension thanks again for all your hard work! I posted in the old switchboard issues by mistake then moved to umatrix to find it was disabled because of certain people not knowing how to use the extension :stuck_out_tongue: haha, I closed that issue as was wrong project and tagged you so hopefully see it come up but just in case wanted to post here as well just as a heads up and to confirm hopefully the port to WebExtensions framework was in the works/planned! Thanks for your amazing work!

(Noam Barnea) #90

Using uMatrix 1.0.1rc1 on Firefox 55.0.2.
Scrolling down the list on certain websites is impossible as it just pops back up infinitely.

Example GIF

Also, the “other” column seems to be cut off sometimes and hovering the mouse pointer over the version number brings up a hover-text popup saying “popupTipDashboard”

(Simon P.) #91

This bug is known and is not related to uMatrix but Firefox instead. See this answer by gorhill.

I am on Firefox 56.0b8 (64-bit) with uMatrix 1.0.1rc1 and the issue seems to be resolved.

(Noam Barnea) #92

I did not know that. Thank you.

(Steven Penny) #93

Collapse placeholder of blocked elements

option is not being recognized for me

tried version 1.0.0 and 1.0.1rc1

example page http://reddit.com

(Kowith Singkornkeeree) #94

Include the button to save changes in user agent lists, I don’t know the change will be saved or not unless changed the state of “Spoof User-Agent string…” checkbox.


I use uMatrix v1.0.0 (uMatrix.firefox.xpi) on Firefox ESR v52.1.2 and have configured uMatrix to disable all scripts by default. But somehow, inline scripts are still executed on http://rule34hentai.net/ site. Below are the first few lines of my uMatrix Rules (minus host specific rules).

matrix-off: about-scheme true
matrix-off: addons.about-scheme false
matrix-off: chrome-extension-scheme true
* * * block
* * css allow
* * image allow
* 1st-party cookie allow
* 1st-party doc allow

The result on that site is that after about 5 seconds, it replaces the page with a message saying that an adblocker is detected. It’s not a browser redirect through HTML META Refresh element since there’s no such HTML element within the HTML source code and the URL stays the same.

This problem doesn’t occur for WebExtension version of uMatrix. I’ve tested it on Firefox v54 and Chromium v43.

(Alpengreis) #98

The column OTHER on the right is truncated as soon the scrolllist appears with Firefox and uMatrix 1.0.1rc1 WEBEXT …


Using the latest development version (1.0.1rc1) on latest Firefox nightly (57.0a1 (2017-09-21) (64-bit)) I am unable to export to cloud storage. Anyone else experiencing this?

(GKuiper) #100

Hi, thank you very much for this addon. It is very intuitive to use and I enjoy the granularity it offers. However, I have just discovered that it is the source of a long-standing problem(s) with my Firefox browser!

It prevents addons from being downloaded. The browser gets stuck forever at the “verifying addon” stage.

It prevents addons from updating - even itself! For the longest time I was using uMatrix 0.9 bc I did not realise a new version had been released, and I could only upgrade to version 1.0 by disabling uMatrix from the addon manager. Very odd.

The filter lists in uMatrix or uBlock fail to update when uMatrix is enabled. I get the icon for “network error” when I try this. My filter lists for uBlock were being flagged as out of date for months; when I disabled uMatrix they were able to update.

Firefox updates also do not work from in the browser. I must exit and run Firefox installer if I want to update to the newest version.

The Internet Download Manager integration module doesn’t work. The program captures video if I manually cut and paste the source url from FF into the IDM program window, but the neither the button or the option it adds to the right-click menu in the browser work with uMatrix enabled. Instead you get a message telling you that the current version of firefox does not support IDM integration.

I want to stress, all these problems existed with uMatrix version 0.9 running on FF 49 or so; they all went away when I disabled uMatrix. Then when I added uMatrix 1.0 to FF 55 they all came back! I again disabled uMatrix and once again these issues vanished. So I’m pretty sure the root issue is with this addon.

Currently on FF 55.0.3 (32 bit) using the addons IDM integration, Privacy Badger, NoScript, uBlock Origin 1.14.8 plus a couple of addons for taking screenshots and the like.

I hope this is enough info for you to investigate the issue. Thankyou for your time.