Survey button, text with same color as background

(Maykon Chagas) #1


Sorry, I don’t know if this is the right channel to do this, but I think I’ve found a bug. Something that I’ve noticed on Survey button that appear all the times that asked to rate an experiment (already happen with Min Vid, Page Shot and now with Tab Center). The color in the button survey request, is the same than the button color, this is a screen shot of bar for survey button.

This happen in Firefox Nightly and Firefox Beta.



(Test_Pilot_John) #2

Hey Maykon. I think we already have a issue and fix for this in the works.

What OS are you on btw?

(Maykon Chagas) #3

Hi @jgruen,

Sorry, I didn’t saw Github for issues, my fault!

I’m using GNU/Linux Slackware64.

(Test_Pilot_John) #4

No worries. we want feedback everywhere. Thanks for helping out :slight_smile: