Sync, again :)

I’m a happy (long time, read weave 1.0) user of sync. Part time security instructor, I like my data on my servers.
I’m having an issue while upgrading my server, but as a new user can not post more than 5 lines, so please see :slight_smile:

Seems that the empty browserid allowed/trusted issuers is “fixed” by setting:
in the docker run script.
But still getting Non-authentication error in _fetchTokenForUser with JS Stack trace: TokenServerClientServerError@tokenserverclient.js:99:16

Well, a couple more things got me up again.
Even though it is mentioned elsewhere that using http[s]://aServer/token/ as token server should work, https://aServer/token/1.0/sync/1.5 did the trick for me. And also, that turns into https://aServer/storage/… afterwards so if you are proxying, keep that in mind. (in my case, two sets of proxy locations in apache)

I was writing “< server >” and it was changed into “token”… go figure