Syntax errors when building master

(Guillaume Savaton) #1


I have successfully built FirefoxOS today from the current master using the instructions from

I had to work around two C++ syntax errors in Gecko.

gecko/mfbt/tests/TestMaybe.cpp, line 242

template argument 2 is invalid

gecko/dom/bluetooth/bluedroid/BluetoothInterface.cpp, lines 2331 to 2347:

expected primary-expression before ‘.’ token

I have not really solved these issues: both source files seemed correct as far as I can tell. I have simply commented out the offending lines in TestMaybe.cpp and replaced the struct assignment with separate assignment statements in BluetoothInterface.cpp.

I am just wondering whether these are actual errors or whether I used the wrong compiler version (gcc 4.6.3).
Is it appropriate to file bug reports for this kind of issues?

(Guillaume Savaton) #2

This is my bug report for the first message:

The second had already been reported:

(Steve Lee) #3

Thanks for this.

I get both problems so is not a problem with your config (and anyway, you found the existing bug for the first problem).

The first looks like a ‘type error’ as ValueType is a typedef not a r value that can have a type. But then I don’t know this code and am pretty rusty. It is test code so you can reasonably comment it out as a temp fix for your own build.

The second is some crazy bad code

Both must have broke the build before push/commit.
I don’t know what the process now is at Mozilla but there used to be a tinderbox thingy that flagged such build breaks for immediate fix. The patch on the bug fixes the problem.