Systems Information of Contributors (via Google Analytics) - Public Version

Note: There is a more detailed version of this post covering additional Mozilla sites in the NDA Category.


What: Below is a number of Google Analytics screenshots showing browser and operating system statistics for some of Mozilla’s Participation Systems websites.

Why: We recently asked ourselves the question How many of our contributors are excluded from Mozilla’s video conferences because of the poor Vidyo support on Linux systems?

  • So what’s the answer? Don’t know.
  • So what can you tell me? During the first half of 2017 about 8-12% of the evaluated properties were visited by Linux users.
    Unfortunately @hmitsch does not know how to identify the Linux distribution from Google Analytics. Send him a message if you know how to extract this information.

Caveats: Mozilla adds Google Analytics (or Google Tag Manager) tags into a Do-Not-Track (DNT) wrapper. Many people visiting Mozilla sites probably have some kind of tracking protection enabled. We cannot get any Google Analytics data from these users. This might significantly distort the results presented below. C’est la vie.

Detailed data - Browser & OS (Operating System)

This date is from the first half of 2017 (01 JAN to 30 JUN).

Reps Portal

Activate Portal


Detailed data - OS, OS Version, Browser, Browser Version

This data is from the past 30 days JUN 23 to JUL 22, 2017. This shorter observation period was chosen to allow for better data aggregation in the light of frequent Chrome and Firefox version updates.

Reps Portal

Activate Portal


Next Steps

If you read until here, these statistics are probably interesting to you. Please comment on the thread with your questions, insights and observations. Let’s make this a collective learning journey!

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Maybe Mozilla should use Piwik instead?

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