Tab for a Cause

Really disappointed that Firefox no longer supports Tab for a Cause! I entirely agree with the motivation for it, i.e. protecting users’ privacy, however I strongly feel that Tab for a Cause is an organisation that should be permitted - it’s such a great cause, after all. It’s such a shame that this has happened and I will have to consider switching to a different browser if this is not changed :frowning:


I object to rationalizing this in the name of privacy, for 2 reasons:

  1. Why is the user not given an obvious choice in this instance on what the plug-in can and cannot do? That’s the whole point of permissions, isn’t it?
  2. If privacy was that important to Mozilla, why is it not possible to avoid displaying email addresses on BMO? And more to the point, why was I not at least warned about this questionable behavior when I signed up?

is there a way I can sideload the plugin, or do I have to switch to another browser? the main reason I have been using Firefox this long is because it’s FOSS, and for that reason I really don’t appreciate my freedom being restricted like this, even if I could still technically fork or patch it based on the source.

Seconding this. The tab for a cause team has a good defense for their extension here.

I’m switching from chrome to firefox because of the whole manifest v3 debacle and was sad to see I couldn’t use this extension.

This is an old thread, but I wanted to bring it up again anyway. I am moving back to Firefox from Google Chrome, and I have always used Tab For a Cause, so it’s disappointing to see that Firefox is not allowing it now. The article that @adamstrickland97 linked has a great explanation on why it should be allowed.

Tab for a Cause has always been reliable, and it has been around for so long. There’s no need to suddenly take it away.