Tablet sleeve

(Fjoerfoks) #1

Has somebody already purchased a table sleeve for this model?
If yes which one fits well for the InFocus tablet?
I am searching for a sleeve which covers the screen, but can also be used to lift the tablet in a 15 degree position for better typing, etc.

(Kairo) #2

If someone finds a sleeve that fit this tablet well but doesn’t cover buttons, cameras or plugs, please let me (and us all) know.

(Antoine Turmel) #3

Have you looked on Amazon yet ? I might buy one with a bluetooth keyboard :slight_smile:

(Andrew [:feer56] ) #4

I’ve got one like this that somewhat works:


Just found this PU leather cover for flatfish on the Web.
Did anyone order it? Does it fit?

(Chiorean Ioana) #6

No news here? :frowning:

(Fjoerfoks) #7

I’ve ordered the one “elnino” mentioned from ali-express, but it can take up to 4 weeks before delivery.

(Haryati Salehin) #8

I just bought a case from AliExpress as well, but different from the one that Fjoerfoks bought. It will reached me in about 2 weeks time. Will share if it fits the tablet once I got it.

(Andrew [:feer56] ) #9

Great! Post some pictures of how it fits into the sleeve :slight_smile:

(Yousef Alam) #10

If anyone needs a simple pouch just for storing the tab when they’re not using it, this is cheap and does the job.

(Pavithran) #11

I also bought a similar cheap one from Dx

(Fjoerfoks) #12

Ok, I got my sleeve, so here are some pictures. It is kind of universal sleeve, since the top-right hook is adjustable.
The Flatfish fits very well and you can use it as a standard pretty well.
It’s a bit heavy, but firm. There is no hole for the rear camera, so you need to create that one yourself :smile:.
And there is no stand for vertical position, like when you visit Marketplace or play 2048.

(Syafiq) #13

Check out new collection if you interested to buy, :smiley:

(alex_mayorga) #14

FWIW Amazon seems to carry a model on multiple colors over at

(Haryati Salehin) #15

I just received mine which was bought from here. It does not fit the Flatfish tablet at all. The hook is not design to be adjusted to fit the Flatfish.


(Fjoerfoks) #16

Are you sure the top-right hook not adjustable? It took me some time, but I finally managed to pull it out in the right diagonal direction and fit it around the edge.

(Haryati Salehin) #17

Yes, I know the hook is adjustable. At first I thought it can only be adjusted to certain degree. Just contacted the seller, and he clarified that the hook is retractable, (it has a stretchy belt) So, it has full functionality now! Awesome. :smile:

(Asa Dotzler) #18

Thanks for sharing the sleeve experiences. I’ve been looking myself.

(Viking KARWUR) #19

D.I.Y Flatfish (FirefoxOS Tablet)

Prototype (still in development):