Tablet source code repository and issue tracker

Hi there,

Just a quick note to say that the source code for the prototype tablet chrome is now in a repository on GitHub called gecko-tablet. Most of the code is in the chrome directory. You can find build instructions on the wiki which will allow you to run and debug the tablet chrome on a desktop PC (we don’t yet have it running on a device).

You’ll notice that all of the UI is implemented as HTML-based chrome, the homescreen is about:home and the new tab page is about:newtab, settings will be accessed via about:settings.

There’s also an issue tracker on GitHub to track the features we’re adding to the prototype. We have a “Mimimum Prototype Requirements” milestone to track the highest priority requirements, but this is subject to change as we figure out exactly what we’re going to be testing as part of the user study. You can see from the closed issues which features are already working.

We’re not looking for any specific contributions at this point as we’re still figuring out the requirements for the prototype, but feel free to hack around for your own interest and submit a pull request if you’re particularly keen! You can find us in the #tablet channel on if you’d like to know more.


may i know when next meeting will be held.

Hi @kskarthik, the only meeting currently scheduled is an internal update to the Product Innovation Board on Wednesday to discuss the results of the Project Tablet user study. See the public weekly B2G and Connected Devices meetings for future updates.

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