tabs.onUpdated: requestId?

When a tabs.onUpdated event is triggered by e.g. the FORWARD or BACK buttons, I can’t figure out how to access that (cached) request’s securityInfo.

Clearly, this information exists, as (e.g.) the HTTPS Lock in the URL bar always shows the cert chain associated with the current request, even a cached one.

But, how can an extension access this information?

I’m completely OK to do the caching myself, but I can’t figure out what request’s cached information to display when the user uses the navigation buttons!

Workaround for now: cache the securityInfo objects myself, indexing off the ordered-pair: (tabId,requestUrl)

This should handle most [all?] cases correctly:

const x=new Object();

browser.webRequest.onHeadersReceived.addListener(async details=>{
	if(!(details.tabId in x)) x[details.tabId]=new Object();
	x[details.tabId][details.url]=await browser.webRequest.getSecurityInfo(details.requestId);

	let securityInfo=x[tabId][tabInfo.url];

	delete x[tabId]; //TODO: handle re-opened tabs and windows?